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Aurore Guiot - Creator

Born in the Belgian cit of Chimay, Aurore's background is certainly original:  as a child, she grows up on a farm and marvels early on at the glamorous world depicted in fashion magazines. 

Thanks to a jeweler family friend, she discovers the arcane universe of that  world at the tender age of ten. And so her vocation is born. 

While studying in jewelry school, the young alchemist creates her first pieces at the age of sixteen as she experiments with various metal alloys and weaves her magic with precious stones.

After twelve years in the business, in tribute to the family ancestry, she creates MARCEL 1907 in Geneva.

Redefining the codes of professional dress and formal wear, Aurore's creations innovate by transcending the traditional boundaries between the sexes and ushering in a new age of luxurious yet casually refined feminine wear.


A woman needs independence, not equality.
— Gabrielle Chanel


Transforming traditional masculine accessories into customized works of art, Marcel 1907 heralds a new age in feminine wear by blurring traditional boundaries between the sexes. Immediately identified as a brand ambassador wherever she appears, the Marcel 1907 woman is elegant yet casual, distinctive yet confident, and eminently recognizable.


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